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  • The Collected Works of Shinran – Vols. 1 & 2 are part of the Shin Buddhism Translation Series. Volume 1 contains the core texts of the tradition, while Volume 2 contains introductions, glossaries, and reading aids.
  • The Way of Nembutsu-Faith, by Hisao Inagaki. The Shoshinge is a devotional poem which expresses the teaching, practice, way of life and reality of the Mahayana Pure Land tradition as re-envisioned and refined by Shinran Shonin from the teachings of his Indian, Chinese and Japanese predecessors. Hisao Inagaki provides a learned and insightful commentary on Shinran’s verse with the original text, as well as a word-for-word translation / transliteration and glossary.
  • Hearing the Buddha’s Call: The Life, Works and Words of Shinran Shonin, by Jitsuen Kakehashi (translated and edited by Toshikazu Arai). An excellent and simple (but not simplistic) series of meditations on the dharma as found in the words and life of Shinran Shonin.