Many of the texts on the ESD Suggested Reading List—like the current featured text, ‘Great Living’, and our previous featured text, ‘Strategies for Modern Living’, are available for purchase via our Amazon Dharma Supplies Store (purchases help support ESD).



Others (like those below) are currently more difficult to come by, but are well worth acquiring if you come across them.


  • Shinran: An Introduction to His Thought, by Yoshifumi Ueda and Dennis Hirota (Currently out of print). A most excellent text on Shinran’s thought – demonstrating how Shinran was not only fully in harmony with Mahayana thought, but actually refined it and offered its quintessence to a posterity very much in need of it.
  • The Collected Works of Shinran-Vol. 1 & 2 are part of the Shin Buddhism Translation Series. Volume 1 contains the core texts of the tradition, while Volume 2 contains introductions, glossaries, and reading aids.
  • The Way of Nembutsu-Faith, by Hisao Inagaki. The Shoshinge is a devotional poem which expresses the teaching, practice, way of life and reality of the Mahayana Pure Land tradition as re-envisioned and refined by Shinran Shonin from the teachings of his Indian, Chinese and Japanese predecessors. Hisao Inagaki provides a learned and insightful commentary on Shinran’s verse with the original text, as well as a translation and glossary.
  • Three Pure Land Sutras: A Study and Translation, by Hisao Inagaki. PART I offers textual, contextual and historical studies – a general survey of Pure Land Buddhism, dealing with basic problems, and some answers to the many questions of the general reader. PART II offers an excellent translation. Technical terms are defined in the glossary.
  • Shoshinge: The Heart of Shin Buddhism by Dr. Alfred Bloom. This basic text provides a translation of the Shoshinge, as well as Dr. Blooms moving commentary.